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Lone Worker Protection Cardiff
There when you need it most.
Lone Worker Protection Systems are used widely across
commercial sectors where staff are working individually and
in some cases, in desolate locations. In the case of injury or
distress, communication can be established to call for aid.
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Radio Design
A radio communication system consists of a transmitter and receiver, each with 2 circuits that all need to be tuned to the same frequency.

The transmitter will send out an electromagnetic signal, sometimes through an antenna, such as television or radio. The transmitter design will need to consider many regulatory and technical factors, such as: The type of modulation, power use efficiency, sufficiency of power levels, signal stability and the frequency of operation.
Asset Tracking
Asset tracking involves monitoring the movement of physical assets; this can be done either through scanning barcodes or special tags.

An asset tracking system has to be installed in order to track the item, and can report and record its exact location. Vehicle tracking involves installing an electronic device into vehicles, for example a business which involves vehicles being driven to jobs (e.g. trades and engineers) will need to know where their employees are and can then effectively manage their time.
Lone Worker
When an employee works alone, they can be at risk of hurting themselves and will need a way to communicate with others in the event of an emergency.

Lone worker protection systems can send an alarm or message via radio signal to a variety of destinations, including individuals who are trained to respond to an emergency, or the main control centre of the business. The lone worker protection system will also locate the worker, so they can be easily found and helped. Most lone worker protection systems include a ‘man down’ option, which will trigger an alarm if the user collapses. At first, the user will hear a beep. If this is not responded to, the alarm will then sound.
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