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Fire Alarms Swansea
Fire Alarms
We provide clients across Swansea and the local surrounding areas with reliable, long lasting fire alarms that are designed to meet your individual requirements. From addressable to conventional systems, you are guaranteed to find the perfect solution for your property.
Fire Alarms Swansea
Fire Alarms
Fire Alarms Swansea
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Fire Alarm Swansea
Fire Alarm Swansea
Protect yourself from fire
Our fully qualified installation teams can install and commission fire alarm systems to the design and the recommendations of the British standard BS5839. As well as providing the necessary training to the end user.
Our full range of services
Here at Protectorcomms we offer an unrivalled range of security systems, services as well as expert advice.
Conventional Fire
Conventional fire alarm systems have been around for many years, and still work in an effective and reliable way.

The building is divided into a number of zones, each with separate detectors and manual call points. The control panel, which will receive a signal from these components, will trigger an alarm. This system needs separate alarm circuits in order to signal the fire to building users.
Addressable Fire
In an addressable system, detectors are wired in a loop around the building and each have their own ‘address’.

The Fire Control Panel will communicate with the detectors in terms of status, i.e. if the alarm is healthy, faulty or in alarm. Because of the individual addresses of the detectors, the control panel can locate the fire, which greatly increases the speed of action. Most addressable detectors are also able to warn the user of when smoke or heat levels are high, allowing the investigation of a fire before serious action is taken.
Wireless Fire
There are a huge number of benefits to a wireless fire alarm system, including the quick installation and cost-effective components.

As they use no wires, the systems are fully customisable as well as addressable. The connection between detectors, manual call points, control panels and sounders is done through radio signal, which means there is no need for messy and possibly intrusive wires throughout your building.
Aspirating Systems
An aspirating system is made up of a central detection unit which draws air through pipes to detect smoke. These pipes have the ability to filter the samples of air for dust to avoid false alarms.

If smoke is detected an alarm is triggered and signals are immediately sent to the centralised monitoring stations. These systems are extremely sensitive and can detect smoke even when it is not yet visible. An aspirating system is ideal for hospitals and care homes, where the earliest fire warning is essential. It is also an excellent protector for expensive equipment.
Self Extinguishing
There are 4 main types of extinguishing system, these are: Gas- which will detect the fire through smoke detectors and release a gas into the area which will starve the fire of oxygen and heat.

Water mist- the perfect solution for areas where gas would be dangerous, for example rooms containing ovens and fryers. Foam deluge- instead of water, these systems will use an expanding foam solution, which is ideal for areas where highly flammable liquid is present. Kitchen- these systems are specially made for food and restaurant businesses where ovens and cooking equipment is present.
Disabled Refuge
Building regulations that are currently in place require all non-residential buildings with more than one storey to have a safe place for people who cannot use stairs and fire escapes.

From this refuge point, they can call for assistance through a two-way communication handset, which allows for anyone in the refuge area to talk to building control with the press of a button.
Carbon Monoxide
Any space where carbon monoxide is present is required to have some sort of forced ventilation, which can be achieved by using a set of continuously running fans.

Carbon monoxide is extremely poisonous and can potentially choke you to death. Having a carbon monoxide alarm serves as an early warning for gas leaks, and the alarm is loud enough for a whole house to hear.
Emergency Lighting
Mains power supplies cutting out due to a fire or power cut presents a huge danger to occupants, as it can be extremely difficult to evacuate and stay calm in total darkness.

Emergency lighting would come on if this situation arose, allowing occupants to escape danger quickly and effectively. There are two types of emergency lighting: standby and escape.
Fire Extinguishers
There are many benefits of owning a fire alarm, for example: You don’t have to frequently buy them. They are extremely long-lasting, sometimes between 12 and 15 years.

They also take up very little room and are extremely easy to use. Most businesses require at least one extinguisher, and there are many different types which can suit your needs. For example, if an electrical fire started, there are powder and gas extinguishers that would not damage the equipment or present a huge danger to those in the area.
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Security Installer Cardiff
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