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Help at the touch of a button
Care alarms are designed to provide fast and efficient
assistance for when you need it most. We provide an
extensive range of Alarms to support both the patient and medical support services in hospitals and nursing homes.
Care Alarms Cardiff   See our full range of specialist Care Alarms below
Panic Alarms
Panic alarms are absolutely essential for public areas of work where staff are at risk of harm from confrontations with the public, for example: Lobbies, security stations, shipping areas, customer service counters, cashiers’ stations, offices and banks.

Panic alarms are an effective way of calling for assistance without drawing attention to yourself. The button itself will be located out of sight of the public but in easy reach for staff members. There will also be a communication system installed which will inform a number of people when the button is pressed, including security personnel, an off-site monitoring centre or a response team in another sector of your business.
Staff Alarms
Staff attack alarms are a small and discreet system that staff members can attach to their clothing and press if they are being attacked or need urgent assistance..

Typical establishments include hospitals, psychiatric wards, prisons and retail buildings. When the button is pressed, the device will flood the room with radio or infra-red frequency signals which are then received by a special detector, instantly informing the system and security staff that an attack is underway. Staff attack alarms can be integrated with CCTV and other surveillance equipment in order to record incidents for legal reasons.
Nurse Call
These systems are installed in most NHS/private hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and some sheltered housing complexes.

The systems are easy to use for both nurses and residents, and are robust enough to withstand the challenging environment of care facilities. Wireless and intercom systems can be installed at the bedside of a patient in a matter of minutes, and will cause very little or no disruption to staff.
Disabled Alarms
Disabled toilet arms can be fitted to either the toilet itself or to the wall, in order to provide easy access for those who are less able.

If an arm is not installed in a disabled toilet, it can pose a huge element of difficulty and danger. Disabled toilet arms are also a solution for the elderly or infirmed.
Induction Loops
An Audio-Frequency Induction Loop System (AFILS) is a system which allows people who are hard-of-hearing to hear more clearly.

Sound is transferred directly to the hearing aid when the aid is set to the 'T' position. When installing an induction loop system you have the choice to have it permanent or portable. Typical establishments include churches, hospitals, meeting rooms, schools, cafes, clubs, theatres, hotels, lounges, community centres and shops.
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If you would like to learn more about our range of services for Care Alarms or any of the security Alarms shown here, why not contact one of our experienced team here at Protectorcomms.

Our experts are here to help and can assist you with all your security queries.
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