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Telecommunications Cardiff
Working across Cardiff and the local surrounding areas, we are able to provide you with high quality, long lasting networking for your company. Our telecommunications systems designed to meet your individual requirements, but they also ensure the highest levels of communication for you and your company.
Telecommunication Cardiff
Telecommunications Cardiff
Communicate with your clients
Telecommunications is slowly becoming an integral part of business life. Here at Protectorcomms, we have a full range of services to help you with your telecom and networking needs and wants.
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Our specialist solutions
Here at Protectorcomms we install a variety of security systems, as well as offer expert advice.
Structured Cabling
Structured cabling is cabling design which is governed by a set of standards when being installed in a campus or building.

It is made up of lots of smaller standardised elements called subsystems, which is where it gets the name ‘structured’. The cabling can be used for either voice or data communication in offices and apartment buildings, for example. The standards tell the installer how to lay the cable to meet the requirements of the user.


IT Services
Users can stay ahead of the game with all new IT services which can deliver fantastic features such as the ability to fully update your system, create new servers and add many new applications.

Our IT services are especially helpful for businesses that need quick and easy access to a large amount of data, as services can be built and accessed quickly and securely within a matter of minutes.
Telephone Systems
Having an advanced telephone system can optimise your business speed and your communication with customers.

The main way for customers to contact most businesses is through telephone, and if your connection is bad or your phone’s features are out of date it can really negatively affect productivity. Business telephones need to be able to forwards calls, have an effective voicemail system, hold calls and feature free calls internally for all office buildings.
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Security Installer Cardiff
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