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Is your property protected? Here at Protectorcomms we have a wide range of alarm systems to suit your individual needs. Our team can cater for any eventuality be it a small home alarm through to a
Grade 3 insurance-approved monitored alarm for your business.
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Here at Protectorcomms we hand-pick all the security and safety systems we use to ensure reliability and quality. Many of our alarms can also be endlessly tailored to match your requirements or tackle challenges you've had with security systems in the past. We bring the best, cutting-edge technology the security world has to offer, to your door step.
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Our full range of services
Here at Protectorcomms we offer an unrivalled range of security systems, services as well as expert advice.
Hard Wired Alarms
Hard wired systems are usually more secure and reliable than wireless systems, and are also considerably cheaper in terms of parts.

They are also extremely versatile, as any devices and extra features can be added by just wiring them into the system. Wired systems only have one battery which acts as a back-up for the whole system, which means no battery maintenance costs either. They have the ability to send a signal to a central monitoring station or can alternatively be self-monitored.
Wireless Alarms
Wireless systems are extremely easy to install and a basic system should take less than 2 hours to fit, as there is no wiring involved.

Adding extra detectors is just as easy as adding them to a hard-wired system, as they are just ‘taught’ into the system. Wireless devices work by sending a signal from the detectors to the control panel, in order to trigger an alarm. Another huge advantage of wireless intruder alarms is that they can be easily moved, so if you are moving home or having building work done, your alarm can still function as normal.
Monitored Systems
Having a monitored system means you get all the benefits of a regular intruder alarm and more. The system can alert the appropriate authorities when an alarm is triggered, telling them to visit your property.

Monitored systems are connected to a receiving centre which will monitor your alarm 24/7. Usually, this centre will call your home first before contacting the police to check for a false alarm. Insurance discounts for your home can be between 2 and 15% when you have a good alarm system, as monitored systems also act as a deterrent for burglars and intruders. Authorities will also be notified if a line is cut or the system is tampered with in any way.
Perimeter Security
Most homeowners will install perimeter security as more of a preventative measure, as it will detect threats that should be dealt with.

One form of perimeter intrusion detection system is a system that will send a signal to the user in the event of intrusion so they can prepare effectively. Another form will dial emergency numbers so appropriate authorities can be sent to the incident. Most perimeter security systems will include a well-lit, signposted and fenced perimeter in order to deter unwanted visitors.
Smoke Cloak
This method of security is designed for buildings which contain high value items such as electrical, and can come in various sizes, depending on the size of the room.

The ‘smoke’ is a completely harmless substance, made from the food product based, glycol fluid. It is also completely safe to be used around electrical equipment. Most users will integrate smoke cloaks with their existing alarm systems for added security, and will fill the room with smoke when an alarm is triggered.
This system is mostly suited for multiple locations or large industrial sites, as it ensures your site remains at the perfect temperature, brightness, humidity and more.

Refrigerators, boilers and heaters all need to be monitored to ensure they remain working properly and, most importantly, they are safe and stable. If the environment changes, an alarm will alert the user so the problem can be dealt with easily and effectively.
Security Lighting
Security lighting can include PIR floodlights, outdoor lamps, camera floodlights and PIR detection. This system is also mainly a preventative measure, as an intruder will consider being seen by you, your neighbour or a camera.

Security lighting can also deter vandals, reduce insurance costs, reduce accidents by you or your guests, and increase decorative appeal. If security lighting is integrated with surveillance systems, you will then be provided with facial recognition and a record of any intrusion.
Contact Us
If you would like to learn more about our range of alarm systems or any of the security systems shown here, why not contact one of our experienced team here at Protectorcomms.

Our experts are here to help and can help you with all your security queries.
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