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Engage, interest and attract.
Here at Protectorcomms, we can provide an extensive range
of class-leading audio visual products, delivering superior
image quality to schools, businesses and organisations of
any size. Contact us to find out more information.
Audio Visual Cardiff   See our full range of audio visual equipment below
Smart Boards
Smart Boards are a range of multi-functional whiteboards that can be used in educational or business environments.

They are designed for active and creative classrooms and businesses that require more than just a PowerPoint presentation or hand-writing on a whiteboard. The boards are interactive and can be used by pressing the board itself or through a laptop/PC. Students can connect to their classes from home through the smart technology, and universities, for example, can finally move on from traditional forms of communication. The boards are very easy to use and provide a better learning environment for all.
With projectors, you can get the largest possible image or video.

This is useful for businesses who need to carry out presentations, educational facilities that will project lectures and media to a large room of people, and for users who would like a home cinema or an upgrade from a normal television set. You can also get smaller projectors, which are useful for primary/secondary schools and small commercial rooms that require media to be projected for all to see. Projectors can be mounted on the ceiling or a shelf/bookcase meaning no floor space is taken up.
Digital Signage
Digital signs are useful for both private and public areas where information needs to be easily changed and displayed clearly.

Typical environments include retail stores, train stations, banks, hotels and restaurants. Some businesses, like the latter, will use digital signage to create a welcoming environment and to strengthen their brand as a whole. Educational facilities also use many forms of digital signage, as students in the present day respond better to technology. Digital signage can also be used in corporate environments as a strategic form of communication via employees.
Home Automation
A home automation system will integrate all the electricals in a home in order for the owner to control all electrical devices automatically.

The home can be set to change the temperature, turn off lights that are not in use, close the curtains at a set time, fill a bath and even water the garden, all with the touch of a button. Automating your home also provides a level of security, as you can check on your home if you are away, via the internet. The user can set their system to inform them if anything in their home changes while they are away.
Specialist Lighting
Having good lighting around the grounds and perimeter of your home is the simplest yet most effective way of increasing your security.

Good quality lighting will deter criminals, as intruders will want to remain hidden in the dark. Specialist lighting can be used in a variety of environments, including residential, commercial, military, industrial and institutional. The lights themselves can also be integrated with CCTV or PIRs to detect and record an intrusion.
Board Room Facility
Conference rooms and meeting areas for corporate use need many solutions in order to effectively display their content.

This may consist of projectors, screens, monitors, dimmable lighting and automated audio that can all be controlled by one source. Businesses will also find that these facilities are unobtrusive and can be installed quickly and easily.
Energy Saving
Some benefits to residential users of energy-efficient lighting are that they effectively reduce electricity bills and greatly save on energy.

In terms of the environment, using energy saving lighting can reduce pollution and the emission of Greenhouse Gasses. The light itself will also last up to 10 times longer than a standard bulb, and most lamps can be dimmed in order to further reduce energy consumption.
Contact Us
If you would like to learn more about our range of audio visual products or any of the other services we offer, why not contact one of our experienced team here at Protectorcomms.

Our experts are here to help and can assist you with all your security queries.
  Audio Visual Cardiff
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