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Access Control Swansea
Access Control
We provide clients across Swansea and the local surrounding areas with high quality, long lasting access control systems that are designed to meet your individual requirements. With over 40 years of experience within the industry, you can rest assured that you will be provided high quality solutions you can trust.
Access Control Swansea
Salto AccessAccess Control Swansea
Access Control Swansea
Paxton AccessSwansea Access Control
Swansea Access Control
Installation ServicesSwansea Access Control
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Access Control Installers Swansea
Take control of your security
One card, one technology and unlimited possibilities. Salto's long awaited XS4 wire-free technology allows you to secure whole buildings with increased levels of security without the need of excessive (and expensive) installation costs.
Access Control Installers Swansea Find out more by watching Salto's latest XS4 video
Our specialist solutions
Here at Protectorcomms we install a variety of security systems, as well as offer expert advice.
Standalone Access
With a standalone system, there is no need for a PC network, and you don’t have to secure every single door in your property, only the ones you want.

Standalone security systems generally consist of one or two units wired onto whichever door you wish to control access to. Those who are authorised are issued with an electric key or a numerical password to enter. Typical applications include small business buildings, storage units and any small/medium site which requires access control.
PC Based Access
Unlike standalone access control, a PC based system will give you full control over every door on the system.

Any instructions given, for example adding/barring users, are automatically applied to every door. These systems come with a monitor which allows the user to see real-time events. This system is better for larger premises, those with multiple sites, government buildings, car parks and universities.
Wireless Access
The main advantage of using a wireless system is that any number of doors can be secured at a much lower cost than a hard-wired system.

You can also monitor and change preferences with all secured doors through a PC, which will wirelessly send information to the standalone locks. Key management is also extremely easy, as the locks receive information as soon as it is sent from the central system. Wireless systems have all the advantages of a PC based system, but with no wires.
Biometric access control works by reading the individual characteristics of a person’s voice, face, fingerprints and iris patterns in order to identify the person and verify their entry.

This system is extremely secure as, unlike a password, PIN or key, physical characteristics cannot be stolen. Heathrow airport, Paypal and many educational establishments are already using biometrics, as part of a new revolution in registering and protecting your building.
Intercom Systems
If you want a little extra security in your property or business, then an intercom system is perfect.

2 way voice or video allows you to see who is at your door before you let them in, and intercoms can be integrated with other forms of access control. Wireless intercoms also have huge advantages, as you don’t have to make room for any cables throughout your property, and you can use your fixed landline phone to operate your barriers. Alternatively, you can set the system up to automatically divert to your mobile phone.
Gates & Barriers
Barriers and gates are not just reserved for use within business, a gate at home will keep your children and pets safe, whilst at the same time deterring unwanted visitors.

Gate and barrier security is now also used in a variety of business establishments. For example: apartment blocks, airports, concert venues, car parks and post offices.
Contact Us
If you would like to learn more about our range of access control systems or any of the specialist solutions shown here, why not contact a member of our experienced team?

Our professionals are here to help and can help you with all your security queries.
Access Control Installers Swansea
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